Personal Key Takeaways from McKinsey’s Private Markets Annual Review

Note: The material you are about to read is summarised and interpreted by the author after analysing McKinsey’s Private Markets Annual Review posted on April 21, 2021. The material below is meant to provide a self-educational summary of the topics discussed in the paper.

Private equity (PE) continues to perform well, outpacing other private markets asset classes and most measures of comparable public market performance. The strength and speed of the rebound suggest resilience and continued momentum as investors increasingly look towards private markets for higher potential returns in a sustained…

Inefficiencies between trading nations and urgencies to replace existing currencies as a medium for exchange poses a threat to the existing SWIFT regime. Blockchain adoption among approved nations fosters increased collaboration, reduced costs, increased productivity and accountability. However, leaders need to come to terms with regulations and governance before reaping its benefits.

Cryptocurrency adoption amongst nations has been under consideration since its introduction in 2008. There is no doubt that during its infancy, widespread adoption fostered a wave of illegal transactions using cryptocurrencies, prompting many countries to take quick action to ban its activities (Saiedi, Broström and Ruiz, 2020). In…

We explore blockchain technology as an emerging cooperative tool. While many remain sceptical of its merit, blockchain technology and its various applications hold a compelling argument towards harnessing healthy multilateralism amongst nations.

In 1976, Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Hayek postulated that the path to economic prosperity would be in absence of government intervention. In Hayek’s opinion, when a central currency issuer uses the money supply to accomplish a specific end, such as the manipulation of interest rates, it ultimately hurts the market system in the long term. We now see his claim play out in cryptocurrencies more than 40 years…

Starting a business in a pandemic stricken economy.

What you are about to read is a summary transcript from our interview. You can watch the full interview here:

Richie Dharma (Host):
Our event this evening, titled “Entrepreneurship through adversity” involves an extra special guest, Mandy Santoso. She is the Co-Founder of ‘dearkamoo’, a unique One-Stop Gift Service Provider, focused on delivering tailor-made expertise in Gift selection and Customisation.

She completed her undergraduate studies at UCLA, graduating cum laude both in Communication Studies and Psychology majors. …

Australia’s role in the global position.

The Honourable Kevin Rudd & Linda Jakobson

Hosted by Dr Rebecca Strating and Prof Nick Bisley of La Trobe University

Note: The material you are about to read is transcribed and interpreted by the author after attending The China Challenge: Can a New Cold War be Avoided? on August 27, 2020. The material below is meant to provide an unbiased interpretation and condensation of the conversation between the special quests noted above.

Thinking outside the box on company analysis

Notes from Matthew Ryland

As part of my CFA Investment Challenge 2020, I had the pleasure of being invited to attend a webinar with GreenCape Broadcap Fund manager, Matthew Ryland. Together with his co-manager Ryan Green, they manage over $3 billion in funds. Both the retail versions of the Broadcap and High Conviction fund have beaten their benchmark by over 3.4 per cent each year after fees since its inception in 2006. With more than 22 years of experience in the field, I was lucky to be bestowed an “out-of-the-box” method, which he…

Analysing the Immersive Experience by Shahid bin Abdul Nasheer

“Research on gaming has examined the assumption of a strong relationship between immersion and gameplay experience, such that immersion is intertwined with gameplay experience- either through a conceptual overlap or a strong, positive and linear relationship” — Liljedahl

Developments in the genre of immersive theatre as a result of the current explorations in the realm of interactive gaming and technology, particularly interest me as both a young theatre-maker and an avid gamer. I feel that theatre-makers can benefit from borrowing existing knowledge from game designers, given that both mediums deal with engagement with an audience member or player.

Immersion and…

Interdependence In The Global Oil Market

For those of us who drive (or noticed), remember back in April when the price of the ol’ Black-Gold dropped to record lows? What a time to be alive for us consumers. The indisputable reality that the oil commodity is a fundamental driver to most economic activities. Having profound impacts on major economic variables and decision-making processes.

But why should I care?

In the case of Australia, importing roughly 80% of transport oil from overseas (Pearce, 2013). Makes Australia’s fuel prices largely correlated to benchmarks of Asia-pacific. Tapis crude, produced in Malaysia is often…

The not-so-surprising aggravation of global tensions.

As the world shivers to a standstill, Anglo-Sino tensions are boiling with a vengeance to falter a rising power.

Let's start from the beginning, not the very beginning though because it’ll take awhile to trace back a rich and nuanced 4-thousand year of Chinese history. More importantly, you’re probably sick of hearing China this, China that. However, as the largest and arguably the most influential economic power of the Asian region, we could certainly come to the conclusion that the fate of the Red-state has immeasurable consequences to those who reside in…

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